High Definition Swimming born by the desire to create an online training program that help all those who have or make swimming part of their lives, all swimmers who want to maintain optimum progression toward your goals, we will prepare your swimming sessions,and will professionally design for your specific needs.

   What if you had a specific swimming plan, made for you? What if you had a swim coach to monitor your times properly, adding or subtracting every aspect of your training? What if you had a swim coach at your disposal to indicate when it is time to rest or push harder, to work on technique, endurance or speed?

   hdswimming is your swimming coach online, created for all types of swimmers; Masters, Open water swimmers, Triathletes or just regular swimmers who go to the pool daily to keep fit, solo or bunch of mates.

   hdswimming is designed to guide your workouts, make adequate progress with maximum efficiency toward your goals, which will help you to improve your times.

   Duval Rodriguez is the creator of High Definition Swimming. He works at UCD (University College Dublin) with the swim team and the swim school. 

  Duval is a member of ASCA (American Swimming Coaching Association)